Need a Writing Sample? 8 Places to Get Published

Need a Writing Sample? 8 Places to Get Published

Landing writing jobs without a writing sample is tough. You usually have to prove your wordy value with words before anyone will hire you, which creates a chicken-egg moment for so many writers.

If you are trying to apply for a writing project, and need precious links to share, thankfully there are ample publishers where you can show off your writing without filling out an application first.

These websites won’t pay you, but you have to start somewhere.

LinkedIn: As a small business person, you probably have a profile on LinkedIn. If not, set one up ASAP since that’s where publishers look for (and look into) writers for their projects. Take note of the box where you can post a social media update. There’s also an option to write an article. Click that, format your post and click the Publish button! You instantly have a link to a published writing sample online.

Medium: Many, many writers cross-post articles from their websites and blogs to Medium. This platform brings more readers to their content and additional bylines on the Internet. If you’re just starting out, create a Medium profile and share your words with the world. I really like the positive vibe of the comments and active community on Medium.

Your Blog: If you’re writing often and have a clear purpose, why not start a niche blog? Your writing will forever be accessible online and you’ll have an unlimited canvas to show off your writing skills. On a recent conference call I learned that hiring managers don’t really care where something is published (including a personal blog), as long as the content is strong and engaging your readers.

Online Publications: The following online publishers do have a vetting and approval process, but are worth checking out if you’re trying to round up a few published clips so you can apply for that dream writing gig.

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*This post was last updated on June 25, 2021.


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