Paid Pitching: A New Freelance Writing Trend?

Paid Pitching: A New Freelance Writing Trend?

Publishers have always reached out to writers for article ideas, but now this pitching process comes with a twist.

Sometimes a  paycheck accompanies that coveted approval letter. Nice!

This approach to curating focused content can benefit both content marketers and writers alike.

Why Marketers Should Try This Method

First off, your company is going to get more pitches (and in turn produce more content) so you can scale your content production ASAP if you offer a payment for pitches.

Much like a writing assignment, pitches should have guidelines and deadlines. If they aren’t followed, no payment is offered. That means the pitches you receive should be more on-point with what you’re looking for, because ultimately, the writer wants to get a paycheck for their work.

Finally, offering payments for article pitches is a great way to lure new writers, or even a specific writer, to your project. If you can offer something another publisher can’t, they will be curious and consider your opportunity. (Bonus: You can initially evaluate the writer based on their writing skills presented in the pitch.)

How Writers Benefit from Paid Pitching

Obviously being paid for preliminary work before digging into an actual writing assignment is just plain awesome. Depending on the project, this might include brainstorming creative angles, securing potential interviewees, creating a through outline or submitting a list of sources and references to be used. This can add up to several (unpaid) hours of work each week.

I guess I’ve always brushed pitching off as part of the writing process, and try to absorb that time into my daily and weekly financial goals. I know all working hours aren’t going to be paid as an entrepreneur. Nobody pays me to market my services. I don’t get a paycheck for generating invoices. It’s all just part of doing business.

Offering paid pitches could be a game changer for writers who are picking and choosing which clients and projects they want to pursue. For marketers, paid pitching might be a way to land that writer they’ve always wanted on their roster.

How do you feel about payments for article proposals?

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