People are Listening. Write Responsibly.

People are Listening. Write Responsibly.

Earlier this month I had a moment. Well, quite a few actually.

I was at a content marketing conference and people approached me at every turn. They asked why I wasn’t wearing my classic pink writing glasses, how the AIP was going and complemented posts on Web Writing Advice.

They wanted updates about my dogs, Belle and Orion, who have been featured on a few client websites. They were curious about Iowa. As I snapped pictures of food, they joked about the images showing up on Cupcakes and Yoga Pants.

I was shocked.

People read my stuff? People read my stuff! I guess that’s not surprising to you, because here you are, skimming away. (Thank you!)

But, picture this: Here I am in a quiet back bedroom (or currently the dining room) of my 1912 historical home. The dogs are sleeping and the hum of a fan quietly lulls me into my writing flow. Day after day, I work in solitude, pouring my ideas and feelings into articles, social media posts and random online chatter.

Being a writer can be a very personal, singular experience.

So, realizing that people are reading, absorbing, listening, enjoying and waiting for your words takes more than a few moments to process.

This conference experience brought a very important point to my attention that all writers, both new and seasoned, should take to heart.

People are listening. Write responsibly.

You never know who is anxiously awaiting your next post or piece of advice. If you’re unsure if you should continue a series or post an update on a previous situation, you should.

Readers, even if they are few, are waiting.

Many people are quiet, causal observers. They don’t often know how or feel comfortable reaching out, until you’re literally standing right in front of them at an event.

As you approach your next social media update, blog post, client article, white paper or newsletter, remember that you do have an active audience who depends on you to continue creating and updating.

You are inspiring and educating more people than you realize with every sentence you write.

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