Productivity Tip: Create, Then Ignore, Your Writing Schedule

Productivity Tip: Create, Then Ignore, Your Writing Schedule #WebWritingAdvice

I’m a sucker for an honest, raw blog post about work habits. I love seeking what makes others tick. How do they get through the day and get everything done?

I’m particularly smitten by other writers, people who work from home, and of course, self-employed folks who have to crack their own whip each and every day to earn a paycheck.

I’ve shared productivity tips before, but today I’m fired up. Why? I just read another one of those articles. Actually, I’m only half-way through and feel so inspired to write something, that I’m going for it! (I’ll get back to that article later.)

Here’s my tip:

Acknowledge your natural workflow.

I use a calendar like most business owners, but I’m learning that sometimes it boxes me in and stifles creativity. What if I don’t feel like writing that rough draft about display advertising trends between 2 and 3pm? What if during that time slot I instead have a fleeting idea that could turn into a great blog post for another client?

I do the swap!

Well, first I start writing and brain dump the ideas as they coming fast and furiously. Then, I click over to Google Calendar and swap the prescheduled writing time for one assignment with another. As long as deadlines allow for this, I find I’m more productive with my time when writing about the topic I want to write about at the moment the ideas are naturally flowing.

This takes a little time to honor and accept this flow, but once you get there, you’ll be amazed at your productivity.

I’m getting more done in less time.

As I’m typing this sentence, I’m glancing at the clock. In two hours I’ve worked on a rough draft for a client, completed some edits, brain dumped an idea for my lifestyle blog and reached this point in this post. My schedule called for that rough draft, the edits and an afternoon break snuggling my dog. (Yes, I schedule that. Life should be fun. Duh.)

Whether you’re a writer, computer programmer, web designer or Etsy crafter, this productivity hack can be applied. All you need is some flexibility in your day. Sure, I still have scheduled meetings, interviews and tasks that have to stay right where they are on the calendar.

Everything else is now fluid, just like my writing inspiration. I’m allowing things to ebb and flow more naturally so I can fully enjoy each task rather than just check it off the to-do list.

How do you make your days flow better? I’d love to start a conversation on this post on Facebook or LinkedIn. Happy writing to you! ~Angela


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