Project Spotlight: Writing About Entrepreneurship for IndyLife

Project Spotlight: Writing About Entrepreneurship for IndyLife

Some projects make an impact on a writer.

I just finished a two-year content marketing campaign geared at improving the lives and businesses of fellow freelancers. In addition to collaborating with an incredible team of talented writers and helpful editors, the client was open to fresh ideas and producing a variety of content styles.

It was an inspirational, soul-reflecting project that will perch at the top of my favorites list for a long, long time.

Today, I’m going to highlight a few articles I wrote for IndyLife because they directly relate to the entrepreneurship topics I explore on Web Writing Advice. I’m not sure how long IndyLife will remain hosted and live on the Internet, so please read, read, read as much as you can while it’s still online.

(Update: As of March 2019, this website is no longer online and the articles below are no longer accessible. This blog post from August 2018 will remain published for archive purposes.)

Starting a Freelance Business: The Road-Tested Checklist for Indys, by Indys

It’s time: You’re ready to share your service, talent or product with the world. But how do you turn it into a viable business? First, take a deep breath. Exhale. I was once in your position and quickly became overwhelmed with balancing the technical side of starting a freelance business with wanting to give my full attention to the creative process. The answer? Just tackle one task at a time. Read HERE.

How to Price Your Products and Services as a Freelancer

Before officially opening up for business, you’ll need to set prices for your products or services. When I first launched my photography business, I relied heavily on the advice of my shutterbug friends and what my local market could support. Read HERE.

Freelance Income 101: How to Calculate Your Take-home Pay

How much money do you want to make? No, really. As a freelancer, your income isn’t at the mercy of a corporate pay scale. For me, two of the most liberating parts of starting my own business were the uncapped earning potential and the ability to forecast my income in a realistic way. Read HERE.

When Seasonal Business is Slow, Put Your Down Time to Work

Consistency takes time. Even if you’ve been freelancing for a few years, sometimes business is slow. It’s a reality for all indys. In fact, seasonal ebbs and flows in work opportunities are a major aspect of the freelance lifestyle. Read HERE.

How Presenting at a Conference Helped me Grow My Business

When you’re a freelancer, finding a way to take control of your own professional development is majorly important. I recently turned butterflies in my stomach into payments in my inbox, and morphed my professional opinions into social media followers. No, I don’t own a magic wand, but presenting at a conference sure put a spell on my business. Let me explain. Read HERE.

How I Rebuilt My Work-Life Balance — One Step at a Time

Clarity abounds when you’re at rock bottom. For me, that moment came as I lay on a stiff hospital bed in the local emergency room. Sitting there, as the doctor asked me to remain as still as possible — because he thought I was experiencing a heart attack — I realized just how shattered and skewed my work-life balance had become. It was, in fact, practically nonexistent. Read HERE.

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