Q&A: Anchor Text Linking Requests

Q&A: Anchor Text Linking Requests

Let’s try something new! Each week I field questions from my clients, contacts and colleagues via email about this crazy world of blogging and content marketing. I love giving my opinion and tips, so I decided, why not make it public and maybe help out a few more people?

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So, today we’re going to kick off the conversation with a question about whether or not it’s taboo for a PR rep or source to ask a writer about their linking requirements.

Question: “I’m wondering what the custom is regarding asking for specific anchor text when a writer is hyperlinking back to a source?”~ Chuck Sharpsteen, Whiskey Neat Digital Marketing

Answer: Every client I’ve worked with has their own guidelines as far as sourcing and linking.

Some publishers don’t care what we (writers) do as far as linking, so if you have a request, it’s no big deal for us to honor that.

However, some clients won’t allow us to add links at all, and sources are simply credited by mentioning their name and business or affiliation. Some clients are very adamant about making sure the credentials attached to the source’s name don’t sound like they are selling their book/seminar/consulting, etc., so a link to something they have for sale is a definite no-no.

I find that most online publications and blogs prefer links be attached to the source’s name, business name or a keyword within a quote from the person. And generally, the link goes to the source’s About page on their company’s website, a LinkedIn profile or other business social media account.

Why? This establishes the credibility of the source. Readers would rather browse a bio than a sales page for the source’s new e-course.

Bottom line: Tell the writer what you’d like and ask if it’s possible to accommodate your request. They will tell you what they can and can’t do, per their client’s editorial guidelines.

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