Should I Start a Facebook Business Page for a Blog?

Whether it’s a personal blog, or you’re managing a blog for a business, you want the posts to get attention. Sure, sharing links to social media feeds is routine, but what about starting a Facebook Business Page dedicated to the blog itself?

A friend recently asked me if I thought it was a good idea. My gut reaction was “Well, yes, of course!” Then, I started to think deeper and decided my answer should be, “Yes, if you actually work to build a sense of community on the page.”

But, what does that mean?

You can’t solely auto-post links and hope for people to engage. We are so inundated with articles to read on our feeds, that you have to find ways to rise above and make people want to stop scrolling and take action.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re considering a Facebook Business Page for your personal blog, or for a brand client’s blog.

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1. Do I have time to manage a Facebook Business Page?

You’ll want to spend time daily posting, replying to messages, reviewing the analytics and strategizing upcoming posts.

Depending on the amount of traffic your page generates, or your internal goals, this could become a serious time commitment and require outside help from a social media manager. Are you ready for that possibility?

2. Can I create engaging content regularly?

Simply posting links back to the blog isn’t enough to build a loyal following. You will need to figure out who your audience is and create content that relates to them on their level.

Do they love videos? Questions? Memes? Photos of behind-the-scenes activities? Ask your readers and find out what they want (via a blog post or email subscriber list) and see what bubbles up!

3. Is Facebook the social media platform I want to focus on?

Do you know if your readers are on Facebook? Or, are they lingering on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter?

Invest in market research about your audience and what types of posts perform best on each platform. Buffer, a social media scheduling app, wrote about this very topic for their Buffer Marketing Library. Read the article here.

4. Have I defined my goals for this new task?

Have you defined what your goal is beyond “getting more readers” to migrate back to your blog?

Maybe you want to use Facebook to grow a specific segment of your audience and then follow the numbers to see what’s working. Or, maybe you’re using the page to learn more about your audience in general, so you can generate blog content that aligns with who you’re organically attracting.

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5. Is a Facebook Business Page for the blog needed?

Finally, if you already have a Facebook Business Page for the brand or business behind the blog, is there really a need for a separate Page for the blog? Think about the potential benefits of branching out.

Will the new Facebook Business Page offer something the other Facebook Business Pages don’t, such as an interactive Facebook Group, event listings or serve as a hub for Facebook Lives? How will your current readers on the other Facebook Business Pages benefit by liking your new page? Use these answers to fuel your new page launch, if you decide to go for it!

These are just a few ideas to ponder as you decide whether or not a blog needs its own Page. Both of my websites have blogs, and each of those blogs has its own Facebook Business Page. I find that my readers like a more interactive outlet beyond the old-school commenting feature on blog posts. They also enjoy seeing daily, causal updates that speak directly from me to them as individuals.

Could your blog, or the one you manage, also benefit from having a Facebook Business Page?

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Note: This post was last updated on December 22, 2022.

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2 Replies to “Should I Start a Facebook Business Page for a Blog?”

  1. Angela this is excellent advice. I released my FB Page when I decided not to give my energy to it. Focus most energy on your blog and only add channels that you intend to work diligently and generously.


    1. Hey Ryan, Thanks so much for stopping by! I think you made a very wise decision. Having a social presence that’s not maintained is way worse than having nothing out there at all! Your tips are perfect! Thank you, Angela

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