The Hottest Topics of 2018 on Web Writing Advice

The Hottest Topics of 2018 on Web Writing Advice

I’m scouring my WordPress analytics this week.

As I prepare to share the most popular posts from the Web Writing Advice blog from 2018, I’m noticing some topics and types of posts are garnering far more attention than others.

Here’s What You’re Loving on WWA

I thought it’d be fun to share what writers, content marketers and web writing pros are most interested in learning about when they visit this website.

Here are the topics that received the most pageviews in 2018.

  • Freelance writing: You’re searching for where to find work, content creation best practices, how to create editorial calendars, why blogging matters and what it’s actually like to be a freelancer (or own a small business) for a living.
  • Hashtags: How in the world do we use them? Where do we use them?
  • Influencers: Who are they? Why do they matter in marketing?
  • Journalism: How does this field relate to content marketing? Why do I need to do interviews? How do I conduct an interview?

I’m loving these topics too. My inner newspaper girl is beaming at the popularity of journalism tactics in the marketing and branding worlds.

What Do You Want to Read?

What topics do you hope to see pop up in your email or on social media from Web Writing Advice in 2019? More of the same, as mentioned above?

And, do you prefer short, snappy posts, or longer in-depth guides?

I’m all ears! Contact me on email, social media or simply comment below this post with your feedback for the new year ahead.

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