The Importance of Authenticity and Being You

The Importance of Authenticity and Being You

Most projects require a team.

For me, it’s content strategists, content marketers, editors, publishers and illustrators who breathe the initial life into my content marketing articles and blog posts.

But, ultimately your business, brand or byline is seen as an individual. The end product is what your readers or consumers identify with and build a loyalty to.

So, are you authentic? Personable? Real? This is something I strive for daily. When you work online, it’s incredibly easy to automate and share links. But that’s not always what your readers want.

They want to know you.

I was thinking today about why people are so addicted to browsing their Facebook feed. I took off my marketing hat and boiled it down to entertainment, relaxation and quick information. Posts about in-depth studies and overly complicated theories don’t belong on social media. Save those for your blog or e-book.

Each time you post to your business-based social media accounts, blog or newsletter, are you speaking in a tone that you’d stop and listen to? Is the message catchy? Inspiring? Fun? Sharable?

I’ve noticed a trend over the past two years. Businesses are becoming more informal. They’re showing you behind-the-scenes looks at what they do, introducing you to the worker bees, showing outtakes and asking their readers what they want to see.

Have you started a conversation with your readers today? Be authentic and you’ll notice an upswing in consumer loyalty.

With that, I’m off to post another yoga selfie on Instagram or my latest writing snafu on Facebook. Why? Because I’m a real person behind this blog post.

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