The Secret Trait of Successful Freelancers

The Secret Trait of Successful Freelancers

I just finished reading a freelance writer’s heart-felt insight on his day-to-day work life. He’s miserable. He dreads getting out of bed in the morning and pretty much lives for breaks away from work.

I wonder if he’s always felt that way? Or, did something happen? What created his angst and hatred for his career? If there’s one thing that was evident after reading his diary-like blog post, it’s that he needs to make a change.

You simply can’t continue doing a job that you have no passion for anymore, especially when you’re self-employed. You have to crack your own whip and get things done. But if your boss and your staff (that’s all you in the beginning!) don’t give a darn, you’ll never advance in your career.

Enthusiasm. It’s what you need to be successful as a freelancer.

You need to be excited to tackle new projects. You need to enjoy the process. You must want to learn more in your space.

I’m not saying every day needs to be rainbows and unicorns, but the burning desire you once had to start you business must always flicker inside.

Each week I have budding writers reach out and ask me how to get started, more forward and get the better paying writing jobs. Enthusiasm. Every single day work toward your professional goals and never let up. Share your excitement and ideas. Tell your friends. Post about your progress on social media. Send out pitches. Do things that scare you!

Being self-employed isn’t a 9-to-5 job. It’s a lifestyle. If you don’t have enthusiasm for what you’re doing, the daily grind will become monotonous and unrewarding.

It’s OK if you no longer have passion for what you initially set out to do. Bury that idea and move on. What hobby, topics, skills or ideas make you smile? Maybe you can turn them into a career? Once you find that enthusiasm, you’ll have the energy to move forward once again.

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