Was Brand Journalism Born in a Bar?

Storytelling, Fact-finding and Business walk into a bar. They sit down and order a round of drinks. Photo Credit: Flickr

Storytelling, Fact-finding and Business walk into a bar. They sit down and order a round of drinks.

Storytelling and Business hit it off great.

They ramble on to one another about what they’re good at doing. Every few sips, Business slips in a few insights gleaned from customer feedback and well-rehearsed ad speak.

Unfortunately, Business relies on a boring, outdated product brochure in his back pocket.

Business quickly realizes with Storytelling adding to the conversation, he can ditch the brochure. There’s more than one way to tell the story of his product. Then it dawns on him; Customers will seek his products after he establishes credibility with the way Storytelling explains things.

Fact-finding says he can do one better and raises his glass.

He offers to interview experts, dig up figures from recent studies and fills the conversation with credible evidence and insight backing up Storytelling’s claims.

Storytelling, Fact-finding and Business quickly realize they’re becoming best buddies. They work together seamlessly to educate and help consumers without using a sales pitch.

After yet another round of drinks, the three decide to form an alliance.

Storytelling, Fact-finding and Business become the powerhouse known as “brand journalism”. Companies across the globe turn to them to fuel their website content, blogs, newsletters, social media messages, white papers and marketing campaigns.

And that my friend, is how I like to think brand journalism was born — around a few drinks at the local pub.

Bottoms up!

Author’s Note: I spend my days doing brand journalism work for household name brands and companies including Purina, United Way, Walgreens and Colorado Christian University. If you want to learn how to give your own writing a boost in the right direction, snag my free e-book or connect with me on social media! I share web writing advice daily!

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