What are Anchor Clients? (250 words)

Once you dive into the world of freelancing, you’ll quickly learn about the client divide. I’m speaking about one-off clients and anchor clients.

One-offs offer a single project. This might be one blog post, a series of e-books or daily social posts for a month-long campaign. But, once the defined project is complete, so is your relationship.

Then, there are anchor clients.

In the freelance world, these partnerships are coveted and respected. They are the ongoing clients who have you on their roster of go-to writers for current and upcoming projects.

Relationships with anchor clients may last years.

It’s not uncommon for anchor clients to map out editorial calendars weeks or months out, with your name penciled in for upcoming content needs. As you might guess, anchor clients provide consistent freelance income, an opportunity to grow with a publication and add stability to your workflow.

When you pitch a project or are approached about an opportunity, always ask if it is a one-time project, or if there’s an opportunity for consistent work. If you enjoy the content you’re creating, and the team you’re working with, it’s worth mentioning that you’re open to an ongoing relationship and would love to add them to your list of anchor clients who get priority when it comes to accepting and scheduling projects on your calendar.

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