What Does Your Digital Presence Say About You?

What Does Your Digital Presence Say About You?

When you work online, you have to be professional online. That doesn’t mean you can’t post weekend selfies or close-ups of that ooey-gooey chocolate cake you’re about to devour. Be yourself.

But, always imagine your boss (or mother) is looking over your shoulder.

It feels like each day the importance of having business-focused social media accounts, websites and blogs grows. These content marketing outlets can have a huge impact on the growth and stability of your business, whether you’re self-employed or working for a company.

So, what does your digital presence say about you? If you’re ready for some social media spring cleaning, I have a few ideas to share!

Reach More People and Build Your Brand

  1. Share how to contact you directly, whether it’s by email or a phone number. Your clients or customers often want to reach you outside of a messenger service or comment on a social media post. If they can’t find contact info easily, they’ll move on. I know I have when searching retailer websites.
  2. Show and tell about your personal interests. This human side makes you more relatable beyond your business. It may even open the door to more opportunities. I share about going to yoga class often and recently landed a gig writing about men’s yoga. Nice!
  3. Give readers a look behind-the-scenes. Everyone loves to get the inside scoop, see how a product is created or what goes into the service you offer. Use your cellphone to shoot a simple video, and upload it. It’s OK to break away from the usual posts and do something new!
  4. Fill out your profile and about pages. It’s a fact: I don’t follow back people on Twitter who don’t have a profile. Sometimes I look up a colleague and I’m shocked that they have less than a dozen tweets and no bio posted. Remember, I work in digital marketing. Everyone I work with should have a polished online presence!
  5. Help your audience. It’s easy to think of your online presence as another way to advertise and market your business. But, take a step back and make sure that you’re also educating, inspiring and helping your audience with their questions or issues that would lead them to use your service or product.
  6. Don’t post drunk. Once I received an email from an editor filled with apologies for not getting back to me promptly. Later, I scanned his Twitter feed and noticed he was at a work conference day drinking for four days. Have all the fun you want, but save those pics for your personal social media accounts.
  7. Create original posts. It’s super easy to get into the habit of sharing link after link after link and never really communicating with your online audience. Even if you pre-schedule posts with Hootsuite, Buffer or something similar, add original commentary or personal insight to each post. I need to work on this myself because I find that I get more interaction on personalized posts.

Do you agree? I’d love to hear your take on this topic. Comment below!

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Note: This post was last updated on April 3, 2022.




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