What is a Brand Newsroom?

What is a Brand Newsroom?

There’s so much lingo in the content marketing space, that it can be difficult to keep up. One term that’s been popping up often over the past year is ‘brand newsroom’.

But, what the heck is it?

Businesses Are Becoming Publishers

It’s not uncommon for big brands to add a content creation powerhouse to their corporate offices. You might walk down the hall and see signs to Accounting, Shipping/Receiving — and now — Newsroom.

Businesses are realizing the value of creating and disseminating their own stories, advertisements and marketing campaigns on niche websites, over the top (OTT) publishers and with third-party services, like affiliate programs.

All of this content creation and responsiveness in real-time takes a fine-tuned team, so why not make it an in-house department complete with social media managers, copywriters, digital media developers, photographers, videographers, IT pros, editors, advertising execs and marketing strategists?

Contently, one of the content marketing agencies I collaborate with, defines a brand newsroom as “the organization that drives a brand’s publishing efforts”. And, that’s exactly what it is. Sometimes these teams are built with a combination of brand employees and a team of creatives who work on contract (like me!)

Brands That Rock Newsrooms

You might be wondering which companies actually have newsrooms in their organizations.

The first that comes to mind is Red Bull and the Red Bull Media House. They amplify the power behind their energy drinks by creating edgy, extreme sports content published online, in print, on television, in films and splashed across major events in sponsorship form — all to target their ideal consumer.

Other companies that have brand newsrooms include Coca-Cola, American Express, The North Face, Cisco, Best Western, Oreo and Zipcar, according to an article from Search Engine Journal.

As businesses evolve their content marketing strategies, expect to learn more about these brand-powered newsrooms and innovative content production methods. It’s not uncommon for journalists and bloggers to now pitch story ideas to brands, in addition to traditional media publishers.

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