What is a Guest Post?

What is a Guest Post?

As your freelance writing career grows, so does your audience. Eventually, an avid reader may ask if you’d like to write a guest post for their blog.

But, what is a guest post?

In a simple sense, a guest post is a blog post written in the tone and style of the blog you’re contributing to. The host blog may dictate the topic, or a general idea, so that your contribution mixes with the flow and ideas presented on the blog.

Guest posts are generally not paid writing opportunities, however, they can be a great way to get your name and a back link to your blog or website in front of a new audience.

You have to decide if the self promotion is worth your time and effort.

Personally, I think writing a guest blog post a great idea if you’re working to grow your audience, break into a new niche or launch a service or product. It’s also a way to network with other bloggers, and build your online resources.

I feel guest blog posts should (usually) be original content, but some blogs will allow re-prints of previously published texts by the author.

I’ve hosted a few guest blog posts here on Web Writing Advice in the past. They’ve had a positive response, so I’m considering adding more guest bloggers to the site. What do you think? Have you offered guest post opportunities on your blog? How did it go?

Or, would you be interested in sharing your own Web Writing Advice here on the blog? Message me or comment below!


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