What is Seed Content? (Quick Read: 250 Words)

What is Seed Content? (Quick Read: 250 Words)

Every marketing campaign starts somewhere.

Whether you’re new to writing online, or handling the content marketing for a brand client, you’re going to hear the phrase ‘seed content’ sooner or later.

What is Seed Content?

This term refers to the initial content created for a client. The seed content may be written text, such as blog posts or landing pages for a niche website, social media messaging, video clips or even infographic.

As a writer, seed content can be interesting to tackle. It’s exciting being involved in the beginning stages of a project, and giving feedback that may improve overall goals.

However, writing guidelines often aren’t finalized and extensive editing may be required as the editorial staff fine tunes the content to the client’s evolving needs. Assignments might also be one-off offers, rather than a contract with a promise of a set amount of work each week or month.

Why is Seed Content Created?

As a marketer, seed content may be requested before signing a full contract. For example, a potential client who’s reviewing a free 30-day trial of your marketing services may request a few pieces of seed content to get an idea of the quality you can offer.

They’re also paying close attention to customer service, turnaround time and ease of communication!

Personally, I enjoy working on seed content assignments. It’s a great way to establish a relationship early on with a potential long-term client and see the evolution of a marketing campaign from conception and development, through to completion.

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Note: This blog post was last updated on May 4, 2022.




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