What You Missed: Top 5 Must-Read Posts of 2015

What You Missed: Top 5 Must-Read Posts of 2015It’s been a crazy year. Thankfully, the holiday season is a time to unwind and get caught up on a little reading.

To be sure you don’t miss any great tips, I’ve done some research and compiled the five most popular posts here on Web Writing Advice for 2015.

It’s not surprising the most shared and discussed topics revolved around finding writing work, securing expert sources and staying on task. Hopefully these tips and ideas will help you land more jobs and get focused about being productive in your 2016 writing ventures!

The Top 5 Posts of 2015 on Web Writing Advice

1. Writers Share How They Stay Focused and Disciplined

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing is sitting down to do it. We love talking about being writers, brainstorming what to write and even doing causal research.

But when you’re staring down a blank screen broken only by a menacing blinking cursor — it can be tough.

You’re not alone.

We all have bouts of procrastination. And, if you don’t have a deadline looming or bills to pay with money earned from writing, it can be even more difficult to put pen to paper.

Or, fingers to keyboard.

Thankfully, writers are a friendly, helpful bunch. I reached out to my colleagues and friends and asked what helps them focus on their work and stay disciplined. Here are some tips! READ MORE

2. Writers: Need Sources? Read These 3 PR Tips First

When I need to find a source quickly, I rely on the web.

Several websites connect experts with writers. A few of my favorites include HARO, SourceBottle and Source Sleuth. To get started you send out a query telling potential sources about your project and wait for replies. Then, you follow-up with the people who replied and finish your project.

Most of these services are policed by public relations professionals who work with people —  such as doctors, inventors and book authors — trying to get their names out in the media.

So, how should you communicate with these people? Very carefully! I’ve turned to a few public relations pros to give you the inside scoop on getting the most out of your time spent looking for sources. READ MORE

3. Finding Freelance Writing Jobs: Here’s Where Hiring Managers Are Looking for YOU

Freelance writers need jobs.

Companies need bloggers, content writers and brand journalists.

Wouldn’t it be simple if there was a common ground where we could all just meet, connect and help each other out?

Well, there is. Sort of. It’s called the Internet.

The last few weeks I’ve been hanging out in a few of my favorite LinkedIn groups to get the scoop on the latest industry news.

One thread made bells, chimes and whistles go off in my head.

Hiring managers are discussing where they go to find freelance writers. So if you’ve ever asked me how to find freelance work or writing jobs, here’s your answer! READ MORE

4. 10 Apps Every Content Creator Needs

Whether you’re a blogger, author, journalist, marketer or a content creator of all types, apps on mobile devices make life easier.

They save time. Streamline processes. And, make it possible to catch up on work on-the-go.

After all, what else are you going to do while you’re stuck in that airport terminal or waiting for your appointment at the doctor’s office?

Us creative types are always having those “a ha” moments when we’re not behind the keyboard. So, you can either hope to jot down that fabulous headline you just thought of when you’re back at your desk in an hour, or turn to your digital device to take a few notes.

So, let’s get organized for the new year, shall we? READ MORE

5. 6 Places to Find Freelance Writing Gigs

You’re looking for freelance writing gigs. You need online writing jobs now to pay the bills and keep your sanity.

I get it.

The first few years after leaving my last newspaper job, I was perpetually on the hunt for my next writing jobs too.

Now, I have a reliable flow of work from repeat clients and a steady writing career.

But, how did I find the best freelance jobs? Easy. They’re all online, and you can find them too. READ MORE

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