What’s Holding You Back?

What's Holding You Back? #WebWritingAdvice

There’s something inside each one of us that causes us to pause. We desire a specific result, and know what it takes to make it happen, but we put the brakes on.


What’s holding you back from writing that next draft?

Inspiration? Time? Focus?

We all have moments, even days, of classic writer’s block where the ideas just don’t flow. But, those should pass and become fewer the more often you write. My friend Adam recently tweeted the idea that you wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without training. Ditto for writing.

Each week on this blog I share my personal experiences as a full-time freelance writer. I use my daily wins and losses as tools to help other writers navigate writing online.

With that comes feedback from readers, and I’m always shocked when someone asks for advice, but never reads the suggested post or tries the actionable tips. They never seem to have time to get to it, or writing. But, they’re eager to get writing projects booked on their calendar.

What’s holding them back? This is just something I’ve been thinking about recently.

Are you worried about what others will think of your personal writing? It doesn’t matter. You’re writing for yourself.

Are you out of ideas for client pitches? Take a break from the keyboard and go for a walk or read a book to revive your creativity.

Get back to training, today. If you write a few sentences, or a few hundred words each day, you’re writing daily.

You’re writing.

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