Writers, Are You Influential?

Writers, Are You Influential?

I’ve said it many times before. Being creative with words is no longer enough to make it as a successful freelance writer. You also have to have a knack for marketing yourself, keeping the financial records straight and staying on task.

And now, more than ever, you also need to be influential.

Publishers are looking for freelance writers who can craft polished copy on deadline, then guarantee readership.

How? Publishers are choosing writers based on their social media presence. Do you have thousands of followers on Twitter? Do you get consistent likes, comments and shares on Facebook? Are you chatting in LinkedIn groups? Do you add hashtags to your Instagram posts?

Here’s a fabulous example that landed in my inbox this week:

Writers, Are You Influential?
Network presence. Amplify content. Distribution channels. Expect to see more of these phrases in writing job ads and inquiries in the coming year.

So, how can you boost your influence as a freelance writer?

Be more active on social media with genuine conversations and interactions. Post random updates, not just automated links to articles and portfolios. Let people online get to know you, so you can grow your audience and their interest in your work.

It’s called social media — not media.

I know we all get busy and just don’t have time to linger online, but a few inspiring, behind-the scenes or funny social media posts every once in awhile will keep your audience engaged.

Some of my most popular posts are selfies of me at my desk writing or my co-worker dogs napping in my office. Readers also seem to like the “I’m just like you posts” where I discuss my need for wine/chocolate/cupcakes, difficulties staying within word counts or excitement over landing a new client.

Tell me in the comments below (using Facebook or the comment form) how you are working to increase your influence online.

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