Writer’s Block? Use Content Triggers to Inspire Your Writing


Writer's Block? Use Content Triggers to Inspire Your Writing

Sometimes writing topics hide in plain sight.

The other day I was listening to the Brand Journalism Advantage podcast. My friend Phoebe was interviewing the talented John Hall, co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., a marketing agency that provides content to some of the world’s top publications.

Hall mentioned using content triggers to build authority online in your industry and leverage influencer relationships. That sounds good to me!

We all know we need to listen to our audience, but do we always take the next step and reply? We should! Use this exchange of communication to fuel your content production.

So, What are Content Triggers?

In the simplest of terms, content triggers are the comments that readers are leaving on your published content. They are responses based on the topics, ideas and facts that inspired readers to stop scrolling and take action.

You can find content triggers in:

⦁    replies to your business emails
⦁    replies to your email marketing newsletters
⦁    comments on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ posts
⦁    comments added to Twitter retweets
⦁    in LinkedIn messages
⦁    in the comments section of a blog post

In addition to answering immediate questions posed online, file away that information. Many of the topics being discussed could easily be expanded upon and fuel your next writing project, or two.

Using Content Triggers

You’ve analyzed the web chatter. Do you see any patterns? Are there any topics that get more likes and comments than others? Is there a question that gets asked over and over again each time you post? Are people asking questions that show they don’t understand your topic?

Focus on those content triggers and turn them into your next white paper, blog post or social media update. Those are the topics your audience is concerned about and want to talk about, so give it to them!

Have you converted reader comments into content? I have many, many times.

Need some help with those writing tasks? I collaborate with marketing and advertising agencies to create content for blog posts, web pages, social media and newsletters. Learn how I can help your clients HERE.





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